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An end-to-end explanation on using ML algorithms to predict stock prices

For this exercise, I will use the Yfinance library for scrapping information right away from Yahoo Finance website, Yahoo Finance is a great website that gives a quick glimpse of listed equities, funds, and investment data for the company you are looking for. Also, I will test and predict certain parameters and stock prices by implementing regression model analysis on the data.

Importing all necessary libraries

Firstly, we will the required libraries for this exercise to be executed successfully. The main library to call and pay attention to here is yfinance. …

First I would like to approach this mini project as if I have a problem to solve, the project will be solved with adopting K-nearest neighbour (KNN) predictive model , so obviously it is a classification model challenge. In this case I’ve chosen a dataset related to healthcare which is associated to a diabetes database from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive , I will try to test the data if a person is a diabetes or not . The dataset was obtained from Kaggle which is a website offers a variety list of different datasets based on real…

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